So, you do exist.

(Charity: On most days.)

Good job for completing the easy mode, guys!  Go ahead and record this success in the comments.

(Charity: You made us so proud that we may name a tree after you.)

Quick, Chari, go outside and pick one right out of the ground.

(Charity: Just think, quizzer, you might get a tree that’s from outer space.  Our Planet HQ is a colony planet, you know.)

    See?  You guys are out of this world with your knowledge of Bible facts.  So then, let’s prepare for the bigger challenge ahead in the hard mode.  If you are not following us by now, do so by following the instructions with the button on the side of the page, then you can choose to either take the second half of the intro class or begin your match with the heavyweight opponent known as “Hard Mode Jones.”

(Charity: I get a point just for how bad that was, as well as for reminding the team we have a secret to tell at the end of the beginner mode, along with another to be told at the end of hard mode.)

    Fine, I can’t deny that.  Quizzer, go ahead and do what you need to do while I recover from that terrible loss.

(Charity: Heh heh heh, way to up the score….)

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-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

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