(Charity: I feel like I never left the last checkpoint page I was on.)

You didn’t.  We just did one for the beginners only a moment ago.

(Charity: No, I mean it doesn’t feel like I’ve left since the quiz on Jeremiah.)

You didn’t.  I don’t remember seeing you when I walked into the room, but I’m pretty sure you were still around the corner for you to have knocked on the door only two questions into the intro class.

(Charity: You say that so accusatively.  Anyway, the quizzers may feel like they haven’t left this particular conversation, if any of the questions after this have given them trouble.)

If so, just do what Charity does and stay at it.

(Charity: Yes, quizzer, take the insults Ivory has for me and let them motivate you to win on my behalf.)

If they are driven by your dilemma, would that make it a Charity drive?

(Charity: *Sigh* Let’s start the second half before the puns start rolling in.)

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