Hello there!  I am Ivory Nocturne, and you are about to begin the quiz for Lamentations.  Choose from one of the modes below.

(Charity: Beginner mode, easy mode or hard mode?  I think I will chose kinda’ tough but not brutal mode.  Okay, now, raise your hand to point at the title like a professional host, Ivy.)

Ha ha!  You’re the camera girl now, not the director, Chari.  In fact, you’d be a bad director because you almost made me forget what the last question was.  The answer is that the LORD’s mercies are new every morning.  Also, when you read this, quizzer, you’ll notice the speech-to-text knows when to put the name I used in all caps.  That is because to say the Lord is good is referring to the Master of the universe.  To say the LORD is good is to refer to God by His name, Jehovah.  I’m sure you have learned this from more than one of our previous quizzes.

(Charity: Aaand next question.)

Finish this phrase: “Great is thy…”