(Charity: Jeremiah is the answer yet again!)

Charity!  I let you in, and you stand in front of the picture?

(Charity: Only for a second, girl.  It’d be odd for you to let me answer when they haven’t seen me yet.  Okay, Jeremiah, I’ll get out of your way, hon.)

(Jeremiah: Thank you.)

*Sigh* I didn’t realize hosting a quiz would be this stressful.

(Charity: You started it by locking me out, Ivy.)


*The girls chuckle together*

Alright, we’re even.  So, I need to ask the next question.  Quizzer, what does the name Lamentations mean?

-It’s a city-

-Jeremiah is sad, lamenting over his nation-

-It’s a people group-

-It’s a type of food-