Eh heh, don’t mind me; I’m just locking a door.

(Charity: The lab door is locked?  Seriously?  *Knocks* Ivy, are you in there?)

*Whispers* The answer is Jeremiah.  He’s the guy that wrote Lamentations.

(Charity: My ear is on the door, Ivory.  I can hear you whispering.)

*Louder* Me?  You must be hearing a very well thought out recording, Charity, dear.

(Charity: Well fine, if you don’t want me to help you with the quiz, I’ll go eat a burger or something.)

He he he!  You’ve already been in three quizzes so far, Chari.  You can’t keep hogging the spotlight.  By the way, quizzer, if Charity was in the quiz before this one, then that means she was in the quiz for the book that is before Lamentations.  Do you know what book of the Bible that is?