Great is thy faithfulness!!!  I’d start singing, but you can’t hear me anyway.

(Charity: I can hear you.  Sing on, girl!)

Greeeat is thy faaaaithfulness, oh–

(Charity: Wait; is this hymn technically copywritten?  You’d better stop, just in case.)

    I feel like we’re playing Simon Says now.  Make yourself useful and ask the next question, my friend.

(Charity: I’m not useful now?)

Of course you are, Chari Berry!  Now, ask the question.

(Charity: Alright, Ivy…ha ha…Connivy.  Ha ha!  I’m just kidding.  Anyway, the question is another statement you need to finish.)

Which is?

(Charity: “It is of the LORD’s mercies…”)

-We renew every day-

-We are not consumed-

-We have breath-

-We live and not die-

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