(Charity: Good job, quizzers!  You guys are so amazingly smart!)

Now, to answer the last group of questions, including why they may have been easier for some of you who now anticipate these to be the same bunch we’ll present in the hard mode, I’ll say we like to finish our quizzes with the main point, rather than the hardest questions we can think up.  The point of the last few questions is that Jesus volunteered to take all our sin and our sorrow upon Himself, separating Him from God the Father, so that we could be given the righteousness of Christ and be accepted into the family of God.  Jesus died for us, but He rose to life again!  He is alive and ruling from Heaven, but He will return to the earth in the future to rule the universe from Israel, and we will rule with Him and be with Him forever.

(Charity: Yeehaw!)

Charity, you really gonna’ stay over there where they can’t see you?

(Chari: It’s just the tutorial mode.  They’ll see my mug in the other two routes, which brings us to the next matter at hand.  After you ensure you’re following us by clicking the button on the side, if you haven’t already done so, start the easy mode to see what you can remember.  However, you may have already completed the easy mode and returned here to brush up on some things.  That would mean you’re now ready for the hard mode.  Whichever you are prepared for, go ahead and pick that option.  We’ll continue the fun as soon as you do that.)

So, what are you waiting for?  Let the party keep on!

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