It was Jephthah, and either he simply gave his daughter as a servant to work in the temple, or he actually killed her, in direct violation of God’s actual Law, which would’ve shown just how far away Israel was from God.

However, no story tells that sad fact like this one.  Hoo, boy…this story.  You can read Judges 19 to see what all I refuse to include in the quiz rendition of the story, but basically, a man’s concubine (a servant wife) runs away, and he goes to get her.  While they are out of town, planning to return home, the house they are staying in is surrounded by evil men.  What happens next?

-Samson rescues them, but takes the concubine for himself.-

-The man is angry and kills his concubine.-

-The evil men break into the house.-

-The man throws his concubine out to the crowd and they kill her.-