Whew!  That was quite the adventure, was it not?

(Xames: Congratulations!  You have beaten the hard mode!)

    And that, of course, has me impressed, not surprised, ha ha!  Go ahead and put your victory in the comments for the world to see, and if you have yet to follow our website, add your email on the side and click the follow button so that you can receive updates regarding our new lessons, quizzes and comics.

(Xames: Speaking of comics, what’s the other secret, sis?)

    Well, in the beginner mode, we discussed our names and my hair color, ha ha, so anyone who skipped that may want to check that out, but now I will give a defense for all the X’s and Z’s our father decided to use.  What is that defense?  Well, at least he didn’t literally give us backwards or jumbled names like those of the Beacon children, Terep, Urth and Yarm.  Who are these three?  Well, they are kids from our distant future that AB, yes from our past, met when facing the crazy Queen Medley.  That’s right; our ancestor’s pal helped people from our future, even though that event is ancient history for all of us now.  That’s the life of the System Guard.  But that’s just one of many stories that didn’t make it into the main roster of what we’ve published on our website.  I mean there’s the majestic history of Old Ruyngard, along with the amazing adventures of Lyger.  Also, the Baylors have yet to really shine on our website like I believe they can.

(Xames: All in due time, sister.)

    Indeed!  That is why I am eager to see what stories and other smaller surprises post in the site’s near future, and that is why you quizzers will want to stay up-to-date on our materials.  That way, you can keep your heart stirred with the Bible lessons and quizzes, and you can keep your brain laughing with our wacky comics.  Also, you will be able to see how we explain all this science nonsense, like time travel and superheroes, in light of the biblical reality of your world.  It’s not as wild as you might think, but I will let you read all of that for yourself.  Until then, I think I’d better go before I get excited and start ranting again.  Oh, well.

(Xames: Until the next quiz, guys!)

And remember, as you continue to amaze us with your Bible trivia knowledge, we will continue to be…

impressed, not surprised.

(Xames: Hey!  My name is spelled correctly now!)

Oh, brother….

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