As I mentioned in the beginner mode, my husband, Rad, is not able to help us today, so my wonderful brother is going to be the Game Over Goober for now.  Also, since I am spelling my name, Sarah, the traditional way for this quiz, Xames gets to be James today.  We’ve tried to keep him distinguished from our main series host, but I think it will be fine to use the J for now, he he.

(James: Is not my little sister a kind person?)

I’m just following in your footsteps, big brother, except for when you step in gum, he he.

(James: You make one mistake, and they’ll never let it go.  Alright, let’s start the quiz.)

I let him be the assistant, and he’s already giving orders.  Oh well.  Who wrote the book of Jude?


-Judy Joker-