(James: Now, you may celebrate.)

And now, I can give my new catchphrase, “Impressed, not surprised.”  Do you think it will become popular, brother?

(James: Anything is possible, I suppose.)

    That sounds discouraging, ha ha!  Oh, well.  Quizzers, you have made it to the end of easy mode, and I’m not joking this time.  Perhaps my mistake will console your anxieties regarding the harder questions to come.  If the veterans like James and I can have our blunders, you know we will not ridicule you too harshly for what may happen in the difficult setting of the quiz.

(James: Then again, it is my Sarah we are talking about.  I’d watch out if I were you.)

    Oh, listen to him, ha ha!  At any rate, put your victory for this setting in the comments to let us rejoice with you.  Also, if you haven’t followed our website yet, you can do so by adding your email and clicking the button for that on the side of the page.  After all of this is done, choose between continuing the beginner mode from the halfway point and starting the hard mode.

(James: Just keep in mind that we share a secret at the end of the beginner mode, as well as at the end of the hard difficulty, so you can skim the tutorial for that secret before jumping over to the final section.  It is a free secret and a review for what’s ahead.  That can’t be a bad thing.)

What do you wish to do?

-Continue the beginner mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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