Here are some fun facts for you.  The first choice was James the Son of Zebedee.  James the Less is essentially a fellow named Jamie to distinguish from other people with the similar name.  Why didn’t he just use an X?  Oh, well.  Both James the Son of Zebedee and James the Less were disciples of Christ, and all of the 12 Disciples, except Judas Iscariot, became the 12 Apostles.

    The most interesting part is that none of this applies to our answer, because Jude’s brother is the one who wrote the book of the Bible with his name on it.  Also, Jude is short for Judas, which is the Greek equivalent of Judah.  You can see why our author would definitely want to not be confused with a certain other Judas, though I find the name intriguing, given the subject of the epistle, which we’ll soon be discussing.

Okay, I’ll cease rambling about names, I think.  How many chapters are in Jude?