Sorry, Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t simply destroyed for being rude, as some would like to teach.  Jude specifies that it was for fornication, with them specifically wanting to do nasty things with two men the town knew were angels.  For those who have never read all the passages concerning the wicked angels we mentioned earlier, we are told by Genesis, Peter and Jude that these particular villains mated with human women to produce unnatural half-breeds.  This is talked about most specifically in Genesis 6.  The angels in heaven don’t marry, but that does not mean they lack the ability to reproduce, and the offspring of this wicked variety clearly exhibited extraordinary traits, demonstrating their parentage was not merely that of a believer with a nonbeliever.

Now, with all this being said, with whom is Jude comparing these cities, this group of bad angels, Balaam, Cain and so forth?

-False teachers crept in unawares-


-Bad politicians-

-The Antichrist-