As Rad as my husband is, he is preoccupied today, so my trusty sidekick, James, will be the amazing Game Over Gorilla instead.

(James: There is so much to critique in that sentence, I do not know where to begin.)

    Ha ha!  Well, I think they caught the pun that my husband’s name is Rad.  They clearly understand you’re the Game Over Gorilla, ha ha!  What’s your problem, favorite brother of mine?

(James: My adorable sister has neglected to pay attention to the text portion of the quiz, forgetting to make sure my name, Xames, is spelled correctly.  I’m sure you quizzers know who I am by now, so it’s no big deal if my sister makes mistakes, ha ha!)

    You know very well why I spelled your name the normal way, James.  Since I’m using the traditional spelling for my name, I was trying to be considerate and do the same for yours, and while I should change my mind with you being *sigh* so inconsiderate, I shall still spell it the usual way out of mercy for you, ha ha!

(James: How polite of you!  I raised you well.)

    You did. 🙂  Now, we have a lesson to begin, so go stand in the game over corner and stop distracting my students, child.

Forgive my rambunctious big brother.  Who wrote the book of Jude?


-Judy Joker-



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