The answer is fire.  My dear, it is important that you not be afraid to talk about the reality of hell when explaining to someone the need for salvation.  God does not send people to hell because He hates them.  God seeks to prevent sinners from sending themselves to hell because of their refusal of His grace and mercy.  The fires of that place are very real, and God thought it was so important to provide a way out that He personally died to keep everyone from going there.  However, He will not force anyone to accept His help, just like it is not the fault of a lifeguard if the person he is trying to save struggles and gets himself in worse danger.

(James: Also, we see from the prayer of Christ in Matthew 26:39 that there is no other possible way for us to be saved than through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.)

    But why make such a fuss over such a simple solution?  All those that simply trust in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to be the payment for their sin are forever freed of the dread of hell, so there is nothing to fret about.  Now, we have a checkpoint to discuss.

(James: Yes, we do.)

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