Let’s be serious for a moment, guys.  The scene in Nineveh is one of the most precious, important scenes you will see in understanding the heart of our God, especially in the Old Testament.  Even though Jonah refused to give these murderers a chance to repent, they did so on their own because they knew that God was FAMOUS for being merciful.  Whatever you’ve heard about the Old Testament being about God slaughtering millions in with no compassion is incorrect.  From Noah’s Flood to Sodom and Gomorrah, God demonstrates over and over that He loves the sinner and that He wants to spare them, even extended the deadline for them to turn from their sin.  Sometimes, they still don’t listen and must be judged, but in Nineveh’s case, God’s reputation for mercy was so well-known, these guys knew to repent even without the preacher telling them…and God forgave them.

You are at the checkpoint for this tutorial, hon, which means you can either try the easy questions now or continue this lesson first.  As you dwell on the kind of loving God we serve, may the rest of this quiz echo that beautiful truth.

Also, I repeat, I think the great fish was something that could actually digest Jonah, not necessarily a whale, he he.

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