The Pharisees weren’t concerned with strictly obeying the Mosaic Law at the expense of someone else’s life.  The Bible did call for adulterers and adulteresses to be stoned to death, but the Romans had made it illegal for the Jewish leaders to administer capital punishment.  The reason this woman was brought to Jesus was to trap Him.  Would He be willing to violate God’s commandments, or would He advocate rebellion against Rome, thus getting Him arrested?  That’s why Jesus simply answered for the person without sin to cast the first stone.

    ALSO, Jesus was not saying that the Pharisees were guilty of their sins, so they shouldn’t condemn another.  The Old Testament requires for both the man and woman involved in an immoral act to be stoned.  What Jesus was saying was, “You may kill her, if you kill the man she did this with.”  So, think about that.  Not a single Pharisee was willing to follow through with this.  That has very disturbing implications that I will not go over for your sake.

Moving on, what was the true purpose of the Triumphal Entry found in John 12?

-Daniel prophesied, to the day, when Jesus would arrive-

-Jesus was presenting Himself as the Lamb of God for Passover-

-The Jews wanted to sing praises to God-

-This was to test the faithfulness of Judas-