You know it isn’t when Israel is in the land, because they are there now.  I can’t completely say it might not start tomorrow, but I did use the definite word “will,” so tomorrow still falls short of my terms.  The definitive answer is during the time of Revelation, which could technically start tomorrow.  Okay, if you guessed tomorrow, here is your official half point.  Even so, the locusts would most likely not happen for maybe another three years or so, meaning that tomorrow is still most likely not right, ha ha.

    Leaving my obsession with tomorrow, I congratulate you for your diligence.  Your perseverance is quite commendable.  At this point, you may choose between trying to overcome the easy mode, after which you can return to the tutorial, or continuing the lesson here.  Which will you do?

Select an option below.

-Continue the beginner mode-

-Jump to the easy mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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