Now that I think about it, the reason you shrunk that image was to not give AB any spotlight in this quiz, wasn’t it?

(Cici: That wasn’t my intention, but I’ll take the bonus.)

You two are so precious together.

(Cici: Especially when you throw the Kebber in with us.  In fact, I would’ve avoided working today, if I had been as wise with my location on my days off as my baby sis is with hers.)

But you’re here with your amazing husband, so rejoice and breathe in the sunshine.

(Cici: He he!  We’re indoors, hon, but that was a nice try.  So, just like the lesson I have in the thumbnail above, what was the lesson that God gave Job when talking to him?)

-It was about how to have patience-

-It was about God’s love for Job-

-It was a prophecy of the future-

-It was random questions about natural science-