I’m glad to see you smiling again.

(Cici: Yeah, I couldn’t let the crew think I’m a grumpy wife like Mrs. Job, now could I?  Besides, I’m excited now that I decided it’d be less expensive to skip the idea of more children and just let you take me to Tea’s Diner for lunch so I can get a “Death by Swine” bacon burger.  Oh, baby, my afternoon is set!)

Ha ha ha!  I’m in full agreement with this new plan.  I might even buy you two.

(Cici: I’m not a glutton, Corris.)

Ha ha, alright, let’s stay focused.  Here is the next question.

After God allowed Satan to do even more to Job, which of the following was inflicted upon the man?

-Nothing below-

-Painful boils all over-

-B & D-