Oh, snap!

(Cici: What?)

In the beginner mode, the number of possible answers matched each question’s number.  I planned to continue that thought in the second half of the hard mode, which would’ve had ten possible answers on this question.

(Cici: Oh, that would’ve been cool.  Did I make you forget?  I’m sorry, honey.)

Nah, it’s probably better.  You’re much more interesting, and we can’t overload them while they’re already trying to keep up with our craziness.

(Cici: Nonsense!  If they’ve made it to the final question in hard mode, then, surely, they’re sharp enough to handle a few extra answers.  In fact, let’s make up for the extras we should’ve given them so far.  16 shouldn’t be too much, right?)

We’re…not doing that, Cici.

(Cici: Fine, we’ll just do five and hope they thank me.)

What did Job say about the future that is mind-blowing, considering when he lived in history?

-The Lord will return with ten thousands of His saints-

-I know my Redeemer lives and that I will see Him at the latter day in my flesh-

-We shall rule over angels-

-He shall purify the sons of Levi-

-None of these-