(Charity: You know, just because most of the Bible events include Israel doesn’t mean we always include a map in our quizzes, so my Jewish side finds it neat that there’s usually a shot of my home country in any given quiz I show up in.  Of course, I don’t like when it’s in the context of something sad, but nonetheless, I still think it’s cool timing, considering the pictures chosen were selected months ago.)

    To me, the neatest thing about these quizzes is the flexibility of our leadership to allow me to host a lesson with my wife.

(Charity: Aww, you’re so sweet!  Okay, ask the next question.)

What did God say would eventually happen to Babylon itself?

-They would last 400 years-

-They would send the Jews home in 70 years-

-They would disintegrate-

-They would be conquered and the city utterly destroyed-

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