(Charity: Justice, I’m kiiiinda’ scared that some of them guessed the first option to that last question.)

    If you did, you can rest assured that the Bible does not make mistakes.  Students of Scripture may come to an inaccurate conclusion, but every apparent contradiction has been refuted by further study.  In fact, the Bible is far more accurate than what should even be humanly possible, which is what you would expect if God was the writer.

(Charity: The book of Revelation records the promised destruction of Babylon, meaning its judgment is on the way.  I mean, if you are taking this quiz and you are currently camping out in Babylon, I’m not saying you’re going to be punished.  You sought out this website, so you’re obviously seeking God.  I’m referring to when the city will be the capital of the Antichrist.  God will bring about its end.)

    If you are sitting in Babylon and you are taking this quiz, say so in the comments.  I’m sure that will be exciting.  But now, we transition to the next question.  Which king of Judah was so bad that God cursed his descendants, saying they would never become king?





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