Now that we have begun the lesson, allow me to formally introduce everyone.  I am aware that you viewers rely on the text format, so I must clarify that my name is Xames Scott, but is pronounced the same as the book we are discussing, James.  You can blame where I am from for this confusion, ha ha!  Now, I would like you all to meet my wonderful wife, Megan.

(Megan: I am very pleased to meet you all.  I will be the Game Over Guide for this quiz.  Beloved, I hope you don’t mind me interrupting to say that though you have the same name as the James that usually hosts these games, he he, you are not that James Scott, though you are related to him.)

Yes!  Indeed!  Thank you for making that plain for our quizzers.  And with the names having been given, we may begin the class.

So then, which James wrote James?

-James Scott-

-Xames Scott-

-James the brother of John-

-James the brother of Jesus-