(Megan: Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are, and this means the prophet that God used to bring and end a drought by simply praying was just as human as anyone else.)

    The same God that used David to kill a giant is the same God that will use you for something great if you yield yourself to Him.  You have already graduated from this class, so that is quite an accomplishment, yah?

(Megan: And for your reward, Xames shall share a secret with you.)

    Assuming you have read enough of our comic series to know how such foolishness works with this more serious side of our website…

(Megan: Or assuming you were at least warned by Teran and Cerine from the previous quiz…)

    I have no problem clarifying that the host of this quiz series, James Scott, is actually more than just my relative.  He is my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.  Are you in utter disbelief?

(Megan: Are we from the future, or is James just much older than he’s led you to believe thus far?  I suppose you must wait for that revelation.)

    I hope we have you curious to dig deeper into this mystery as our newer comics publish.  However, before we send you off in search of answers in our crazy cartoon section, let us stay focused on the more serious material for the moment.  We have given you all the information for the book of James.  Are you now able to answer these questions on your own?

(Megan: Show us what you are made of.)

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