Whoa!  You guys did such a great job of winning the quiz!

(EMJ: It’s because they had a good teacher, Ames.)

Only because I had a good helper, Ems.  And I should thank my husband for helping as well by getting him a bag of chips on the way home.

(EMJ: The monster pack the size of a house?)

That’s the one, a bag of chips the size of a human being.  Now, that’s an hour of power!

(EMJ: High metabolism, in case you folks are wondering.)

Either way, thanks for taking the quiz, guys.  You were so fun, and you were patient to endure all of our brutal teasing.  I hope you enjoyed our company enough to want to hang out again sometime.  In the meanwhile, record your victory in the comments, and make sure you are following us by hitting the button on the side and adding your email.  After all of that is done, go ahead and check out our other materials.

(EMJ:  Thanks for playing!)

Seeya again soon!

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