If you don’t know that Jesus is the Messiah, then…um…here.  Jesus is the Savior that God promised from the dawn of history, and He is the one that will rule the nations when He returns to Earth!

(EMJ: Hey, hey!  Amy, do you realize what the quizzer just accomplished?)

    I know!  I’m so pleased.  You have finished the training course, quizzer, and you are now ready for the real deal.

(EMJ: That being the case, I think I’ll not overstep my boundaries and host your quiz for you, Ames.  It was fun helping you, but I’ll just stand over here and quietly watch.)

    Ha ha!  Sure, you will.  At least you were brave enough to enter the room, Em.  Who knows where James went after I started recording?  Either way, I have no idea who will show up next, so let’s just move on with the quiz and find out what happens next.

    Which reminds me that I should tell you the first of two secrets, so here goes the first of two secrets, ha ha!  If you have read our comics, you will know that AB once digitized the entire Earth to keep it safe when my A.J. first appeared and was a villain.  Well, while our form of digitizing usually has the target in suspended animation, there were enough of us cyber-soldiers around to cause things to kind of keep going while digitized.  Well, it was more like a digital simulation, but whatever.  Details, you know.  The point I was trying to make is that I was having my own little adventure going on in cyber space while not being aware that we’d all been shrunk and put in AB’s wrist computer.  Finding out otherwise was quite the trip, ha ha!

(EMJ: Can you imagine what life would be like if real-world scientists discovered the universe was only a holographic, digital simulation or something?)

    Go figure.  Don’t scare the audience, Emily.  Quizzers, are you ready to continue your journey in the real quiz modes now?  Pick an option and show us that you’re virtually unstoppable.

(EMJ: Maybe I’ll buy you a book of real jokes, Amy.)

-Continue the easy mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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