And now, you see why I was the only one brave enough to host this quiz.  Hosea was told to marry a woman that would be a prostitute.  As far as hosting this quiz goes, all of the other System Guards were either females who feared teasing over joking association with this wife or were males who were very much terrified of their own wives taking offense at the teasing implications of one of those husbands choosing this quiz.

I’m surrounded by children.

    Seeing how I’m the only one who sees this as a Bible lesson and not a mark against the host’s character, here I am.  Now, it is not specified whether Hosea’s wife was initially a prostitute or if God was warning Hosea ahead of time, but the point is she was a wicked adulteress.  What did God intend to illustrate by this marriage?

-Adultery is sin-

-Prostitution was rampant in Israel-

-Israel was cheating on God by worshipping idols-

-You made this up-

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