God stopped considering Israel His people.  This is not referring to the idea that God was ending the covenant He had made with Abraham.  This was saying Israel forsook God, so He was done with them as a nation.  The Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed, and it was never restored.  However, the Kingdom of Judah, though also destroyed and its people taken to Babylon, eventually returned to the land.  Jews from all twelve tribes of Israel inhabited a rebuilt, unified nation of Israel.  This was not nearly the same, and it is not the full fulfillment of God restoring the entire nation to its maximum potential.

    Now, we finish the story of Israel in Hosea with what I shall ask next.  What did God say of the nation’s childhood?

-You were spoiled-

-You have committed adultery-

-I circumcised you-

-I called my son out of Egypt-

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