(Cerine: *Sings* You have beaten the game!  I am so stinkin’ thrilled for youuuuu!)

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(Cerine: Alright, buddy, I’m timing you.  Tell that secret.  Aaaand go!)

    So, AB’s childhood mentor was an android named Shadow.  When this robo dude eventually retired, he had his armor converted into a suit for AB’s buddy, Dave to use.  If you aren’t familiar enough with Dave from our comics, just know that’s the husband of the Ruth quiz hostess, Jaqui.  Well, Dave died.  This took everyone by surprise, but Jaqui already knew what she wanted to do with that treasured armor.  While she plans to eventually let their son, Jake, wear it when he’s old enough, she asked me to use it until that time to ensure it doesn’t get rusty from just sitting around.

(Cerine: Yep, that’s the armor he’s wearing right now.  Feel free to compare it with the old look, considering the black and silver armor you constantly see on the side of our site’s wallpaper is the very same.)

    It’s had a few helpful upgrades along the way, but this is still the same armor.  I count it a privilege to take care of it until young Jake is ready to pick up the mantle.

(Cerine: And that is the end of our quiz.  Thank you so much for following along.)

    Keep your eyes open for more of our lessons and comics, and give our regards to the special crew that will be taking the helm for the remainder of this quiz series.  I assure you, if you aren’t accustomed to the weirder side of our website, the hosts you’ve yet to encounter will definitely make sure that changes.

(Cerine: I’ll pray for you.)

Ha ha!  Okay, see you guys later.

(Cerine: *Whispers* They don’t talk as much as Teran does.)

You’ve forgotten who’s ending the quiz series.

(Cerine: Uuuuh, *whispers* most of them don’t talk as much as Teran does.)

Ha ha!  Are you curious to know who’s hosting the final quiz?  Heh heh… you’ll see.

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