(Cerine: Good!  Now, I can rest and stop having to stand by to walk you back to the start.)

I think she means, “Good job!”

(Cerine: Ha ha ha!  You know I mean that, Teran.  Can’t I have a little fun teasing my friends?  You guys are so smart, I have to at least pretend this quiz was some sort of challenge for you.  Now, do it one more time to complete your Hebrews record.)

    Hey, don’t forget the second half of beginner mode.  If you want to prepare for the harder questions, or you at least want to read the secret we have at the end of the tutorial, you’ll want to click the beginner mode option.  Don’t miss out on the secret I tell at the end of that.  Oh, and you should probably record your success in this mode in the comments below before you click anything else.

(Cerine: And follow our page.)

And follow our page, ha ha!

(Cerine: Okay, so now that we have a game plan, let’s meet up once the quizzers click which mode they want below.)

Agreed.  Which option will you choose?

-Continue the beginner mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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