Ladies and gentlemen, this is my wife Cerine.  She will be the Game Over Girl for today.

(Cerine: It’s nice to meet everyone.  I hope I get to host my own quiz at some point in this series.)

I think that will be a dream come true.

*Both are silent for a moment before briefly bursting into laughter*

(Cerine: Well, that was a humorous act.)

I bet your friends from the Acts quiz were confused for a moment.

(Cerine: They’d better be, or I’ll be highly upset that they don’t remember me talking to them for at least 20 questions, and definitely for 40 if they started from the beginner mode.)

Ha ha!  Well, we have reintroduced you, so let’s start the quiz before they forget us now.

(Cerine: Ha ha!  Go ahead, hon.)

Since we now know who’s hosting what, who wrote the book of Hebrews?




-I don’t know-

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