(Cerine: And the final answer was…go to church.  Ha ha!)

    Hebrews specifically advises us not to forsake the activity of attending church.  It has nothing to do with being saved, but we need the encouragement of being around other believers to help us stay motivated and properly focused on serving God to the fullest.

(Cerine: Two heads are better than one, right?  Not only can you get encouragement from other people, you can be a blessing to them as well.  Having Christian friends whose attention is wholly on the Lord is crucial for maintaining your own growth as a believer.)

    Okay, that is all we have for the lesson.  I’ll tell you a secret about myself, then you can start the easy mode, unless you are returning from having already defeated that giant.  In that case, you can go on to the hard mode after my story.

(Cerine: Get the popcorn out.)

    Very funny.  Anyway, seeing how I have ancestry from the secret British colony known as New Cambridge, I was excited to meet a girl whose family also came from there.  We became friends, but her mom was very peculiar, going back and forth between trying to force us into a relationship and deciding to not even let us hang out at all.  It was a weird time, but we eventually figured out that her mother was just having trouble adjusting to living in a new place.

(Cerine: My mom is Yvonne, as in Yvie.  If you have read about her pestering poor AB in our comics, you know how emotionally sensitive her introverted nature causes her to be.  I love that woman.)

    That’s right; being Miss Yvonne’s son-in-law has earned me the title of “AB’s nephew”, even though I’m much older.  So, that’s not the biggest secret from our series.  The main secret is how I finally won Yvonne’s approval.  Sure, there was the whole display of bravery and character going on, as you would hope to see.  However, the kicker came when Yvonne happened to see me in a uniform from New Cambridge.  The reason she and Cerine had left that place had to do with a villain James Scott would eventually encounter.  If I was in league with that foe, my uniform would not be the traditional style.  This was Yvie’s logic, and thus I was no longer deemed a threat.

(Cerine: And that’s what it took for my mother to calm down and let us progress at our own pace.  I can’t blame her, though, given the hard time she had just gone through.  Even her aggressive behavior with AB wasn’t completely unprovoked.  Hey, that was a bit longer than I thought, so let’s shush and get going with the quiz.)

Oh, yeah!  Let’s, uh, get a move on.

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