You’re definitely smarter than my big sister-in-law, Keb!

(Keb: Hey!)

He he!  Well, you didn’t take my quiz, now did you, Big Sis?  Anyway, quizzer, don’t let the Leviticus hostess scare you.  I say you are a super genius for acing my Haggai quiz.  Now, just record your victory in the comments and praise the Lord!  You should also make sure you’re following us by clicking the button for that on the side and adding your email.  Beyond that, pick the option below that best suits your plan.

(Keb: You could play my Leviticus quiz, since she was “polite” enough to mention it.)

You could totally do what she said.  It’s up to you.  I am Umido Sakuro, and this has been the Haggai Bible Challenge.

Sore dewa!

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