Well, that ends it all.  I figured one second of relief wouldn’t hurt your quizzing career, so I let that last question be a surprise break.  Now, with the challenge behind you, we can celebrate your victory as a champ.  Put your achievement in the comments, then make sure you’re following us, like we always say, ha ha!  You don’t want to miss out on new quizzes and lessons, that’s for sure.

    And, assuming you already read the first secret I mentioned in the beginner mode, this is your second.  So, I explained how we have different storyboards with varying versions of us characters and our stories.  Well, in the more realistic Storyboard VII, not only does that version of me write his own rendition of System Guards, with him not realizing we really exist in XI, that guy is actually the inventor of the robots known as the Techbots.  If you love our series All Cheerful & Rosie, you have him to thank for this.  And with that, the secret has been told.

    Alright, feel free to play the other modes again, or browse our website for other fun items.  I’m the System Guard known as Pac, and I am signing off.

Thanks for the fun memories today!

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