First, let me congratulate you on completing the hard more for this first challenge.  Second, let me congratulate you for completing the entire quiz, now that I see what monster I unleashed on you guys back before we started updating these things, ha ha!  While I was brave in leaving things as they were, or at least as much as I could endure to leave alone, we will try to show some mercy on you with how much we change in the next six quizzes, heh heh.  The pictures will still use the old resolution, though.

    Now, for finishing this adventure, I’ll tell you another thing.  So, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention my ancestors being the Ani and the Ancyro, but you’ll learn more about them in the comics.  One thing that is not pointed out, however, is that many modern Ancyro also have Lyrene ancestry.  When you encounter Prince Emakin in the Ultimate Maximum portion of System Guards, remember that I’m a distant cousin of his, heh heh.

    So yeah, for those who are new to this site, the secrets I gave during this quiz won’t be very exciting until after you’ve read stuff and you go, “Whoa!  That is what he was talking about!”  Nonetheless, I’m sure you will appreciate it when that time arrives…I hope.

    With the silliness aside, this now begins your journey in learning all you can about the books of the Bible.  If you haven’t followed our website yet, you can do so by adding your email to the side and clicking the nearby blue button to begin receiving updates about our new materials as we publish them.  Go ahead and do that, and let us know of your victory in the comments.

Now, Exodus awaits you!

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