The last passage mentioned was, indeed, from Ephesians.

(Memes: Thanks for advertising my quiz, dear.)

    No problem, babe.  But as far as what the aforementioned passage says, the more we encourage ourselves in the goodness of God, having a thankful, submissive attitude, the easier it is to listen to Him when He speaks.  Ultimately, it comes down to putting Galatians 2:20 into practice, trusting in Jesus to be our strength so that it is Christ living through us, helping us obey His commands.  And that is the book of Galatians.

(Memes: Now, you are able to do the lesson without our help!  We’re so proud of our graduates!)

    Now, let’s see what I can do as far as this whole “background secret” fad is concerned.  The first thing that comes to mind is the fact I used to be 5’11” until I got caught in a plasma converter while saving my wife’s life.  This is why I’m short, and this is how we met.

(Memes: Baby, my hero and muh man, I love you very much…but they’re not falling for that, ha ha!)

    Ha ha, I was just waiting to see how long it took them to realize I was joking.  Alright, so I used to be a part of a junior bowling league before joining the System Guards, so I started a little bowling club within the facility here.  I can’t say I’m the greatest player we’ve got, but I’m definitely not the worst.

(Memes: So, remember this; while AB and Missy are out saving the universe, my husband and I are hosting bowling tournaments.  Boosting morale is vital to the survival of the universe, unless it’s my husband’s morale watching me leave him in the dust with my bowling skills.)

    That’s why I didn’t want to share that secret, ha ha!  I knew you’d steal my thunder, but I guess I don’t mind showing the world how talented my wife is.

(Memes: So then, I really owe you on the next trivia fact.  I’ll think of something really kind to say about you as thanks for the compliment, ha ha!)

    You heard her, guys, so go ahead and breeze through the easy and hard modes so you can see what other wacky fact we have to share.  More importantly, approach these other modes with the primary goal of making sure you have God’s Word secure within your memory and understanding.  That is the most precious prize you will ever win.

Pick an option below.

-Continue the easy mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

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