Well done, my quizzers, well done.  After all this time, you have finally reached the end after a long, hard journey through this series.

(Jo: And for those of you who were impatient and skipped straight to this lesson, you still fared well on this quiz, he he.  Enjoy going backwards.)

My dear children, do you have anything to say before I talk business with our associates?

(Gigi: I’m guessing you remembered the secret for this mode.)

(Elf: Mom specifically said it was something different, sis.  Quizzers, you did a great job, and I look forward to hanging out with you again!)

Oh, you will Elfie, and that goes for your sister as well!

(Kids: Alright!)

    So, like I promised, I will inform you of what is to come.  First, you need to remember to record your victory in the comments.  On the off chance you have still not followed our website, you can do so by adding your email to the side and clicking the follow button that is nearby.  With this done, you will be able to keep up with our new materials, and it is that very subject that I wish to discuss.

    You see, we plan on remodeling the website and adding new comic series while also treating you to the treasure that is a new character glossary.  While we may add some of the in-story characters like Trixie Todd and Virginia at some point, we will currently focus mainly on our quizzing cast so that you can learn more about them and fully appreciate the roster that is presenting these Bible lessons to you.  After all of this is done, well, let’s just say you and I will be spending a lot of time together.  I have quite the adventure in mind for my talented teenage twins, and I’d like for you all to tag along to learn the precious lessons that await everyone.  So then, wait just a little bit for us to rearrange things to make them juuuust right and peachy 😉 , and then we will all travel the cosmos together on a field trip you will never, ever, ever forget…unless you’re just grumpy about it.

(Jo: Beautiful, Cat.)

    Thank ya!  Now, before we end this quiz, we have some friends that want to say hello and goodbye for one final time in this series.  Also, if you have taken all of our quizzes, don’t forget to tell us who your favorite host has been.  You can comment that on the main quiz page, or since it’s me anyway, might as well comment it here.

(Jo: Tell us who the humblest host is while you’re at it, quizzer.)

Hardy har!  Guess I earned that one.  Anyhoo, go ahead and see who all is waiting for you!

-Let’s see who it is!-

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