(Ivory: Again, if you found those questions to be less than the most difficult thing you’ve ever faced, it’s because we’ve been trying a thing in the last few quizzes of focusing more on the central theme of the Old Testament to ensure you can see very clearly how blatantly and often Jesus Christ is talked about.  The Messiah just can’t be missed from page to page.)

Thanks for playing the game.  You have officially beaten the hard mode.

(Both: WOO!)

Now, enjoy whatever materials will benefit you next on our website.  Maybe you started with the hard part and want to go backwards, or maybe you just can’t get enough of our Nocturnal amazingness and want to retake this entire quiz, ha ha ha!

(Ivory: Just make sure to let us know in the comments that you won, and make sure you’re following us, if you haven’t already.  Alright, it’s your quiz, sis, so I’ll let you close us out.)

I think I will close us out with a song.  Guys and gals, thanks for hanging out with us.  May God richly bless and lead you.  Have a great day.  Just remember to greet each new challenge with reliance on God, as well as…

with a song!

(Ivory: That’s ridiculous, child!  Ha ha ha!)

-Back to the mode selection with a song-

-On to the next quiz with a song-

-Back to the book collection with a song-

-Back to the arcade with a song-

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