In case you didn’t catch on, that last bunch of questions were all about Jesus and His future rule from the temple in Jerusalem.  The Old Testament was extremely specific about both His first arrival and His approaching return.  The next, most important question is, “Are you ready?”  If you have not accepted Jesus as the Messiah, God’s Son, who died and rose from the dead for your sins personally, then do that right now and tell Him you believe in Him and accept His payment for your sins personally.  If you are already a believer, are you using your every breath to serve your Master?  Going to Heaven is top priority, but living life with Christ’s return in mind will help you be prepared so He will one day tell you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

(Ivory Nocturne: Sorry I’m late, sis, but I had to tend to a few things back in my office.  This is why you shouldn’t keep cats in your workplace, but walking in and seeing my desk covered in muh little lovelies, all tacklin’ each other, is just too adorable to give up.)

Yes, my sister has a crowd of cats in her office.

(Ivory: So, what question are we on?)

Look at the monitor.

(Ivory: Oh.)

    Ha ha!  If you came from the easy mode, than you now know what went down right before you started chillin’ with Ivory in the scenes the “beginners only” crowd will soon be enjoying.  Now, those of you who started in this mode can go play the easy level and see the jokes we’re about to tell, I’m sure.  If you are going to the final round in hard mode, I’ve no idea what we’ll be saying by that point.

(Ivory: We might invent a new continent or something.)

    Let’s get to thinking then.  There’s also the matter of what secrets I’m going to tell.  Well, I can get this first one out of the way by saying I’ve become the stronger of us two sisters as of late, which is quite the accomplishment.  Ivory has always been one of those warriors that’s hard to keep up with, so finally being on par with her is pretty neat.

(Ivory: Well, you did have an unfair advantage of being born over a year and a half after I was, so you had some time to make up in order to gain on my progress, ha ha!  Of course, I seem to be slipping these days, now that I have to balance my SG work and training with being a wife, a mother, a cat owner and a world-famous pianist.)

    Hey, you’re still super tough, and you’re super cool, my admirable older sibling.  Now, on to the other modes we go!

(Ivory: Wait; they have to make sure they’re following us by clicking the button on the side of the page.)

Totally!  Have you done it yet?  Well then, on to the other modes we go!

-Continue the easy mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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