You answered it right, yo!  So, “killed the bad guys” may have been too generic of wording, but it served the purpose for the moment.  Anyway, Israel sinned and suffered for it.  However, God forgave them and even gave Moses blueprints for a special tent construction called the tabernacle which was God’s way of living right among the people that He wanted to be with, even though they had been afraid of Him.  As for Moses himself, God fulfilled a special request that the leader of Israel asked, but in a certain way.  What was this request that God honored for His friend?

-Moses wanted to see God.  No man can see God and live, so God let Moses see Him from behind.-

-Israel was going to be sent to Babylon, but God decided to put it off for a century.-

-Moses wanted a wife for his son, so God had Moses’ servant find a woman by a well.-

-Pff, I gotcha!  I only made this up for a tenth question!-