Indeed!  Moses got his name when the daughter of Pharaoh found him in the Nile.  She then raised him as her own.  Get this; Pharaoh commands all male Hebrew infants thrown into the Nile to prevent his own downfall, so the one Hebrew boy that will be Egypt’s undoing is put into the river to specifically spare the child, and is found by Pharaoh’s own daughter and raised in Pharaoh’s own house, with Pharaoh, himself, providing everything the kid needs.

Anyway, on to the next question.  After forty years of experiencing all of the pleasures of Egypt while his fellow Hebrews faced slavery, Moses loses it all when he does something.  What is this something?

-He commits murder-

-He reveals his heritage-

-He preaches against the Egyptian gods-

-He tells Pharaoh to end Hebrew slavery-