The first choice was the line said by Mordecai, and the second choice was actually Esther’s heroic response to that statement.  The third option was from Pilate’s conversation with Jesus during the sadly ironic trial in which Pilate failed to have the same courage to follow his convictions like Esther had.  The final quote is a part of Romans 8:28 which explains how God works everything together for the good of them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  This also seems to describe the story of Esther, so I guess the random wrong answers I chose worked together for a good lesson, ha ha!

Speaking of good work, that’s what you’ve been doing.  Good job!  This is your break for a second, so think about which direction you want to go from here.  You can either try the last set of questions we did for real in the easy mode, or you can keep learning things first and just test everything once you’re done with our class.  I enjoy your company, so I’m fine with whichever you choose.

So, which one?

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