Yay!  You totally crushed the hard mode!  I’m so stinkin’ proud of you right now!

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    AND if you’re not following our website already, you definitely want to fix that by doing what the instructions for that say on the side or the bottom of the page.

(Flash: Our quizzers never cease to amaze us.)

    No, they most certainly do not.  It is for this reason that I shall share my next background story fact.  I thought about reminding you that I was a part of the task force known as the Fruit, named after the Fruit of the Spirit, with my designation being Love, but you can read that for yourself, so it’s not a secret.  Also, telling you this necessitates me saying it was my dad’s idea, ha ha!  He was the origin of the corny team name.  I love that man, ha ha!  I was then going to tell you what Mimi is short for, but I definitely can’t do that.  Dad is Sir, Mom is Ma’am, I’m Mimi, Missy is Missy and our little brother is Junior.  We three siblings are in that order, too.  I think you get the point that we are not allowed to share our legal names.  My secret is that there may be a time in your future when you’ll finally learn our real names and such, but that all depends on the publishing schedule of our stories.

(Flash: Yes, her secret is basically an advertisement for future projects here at Inner Man Theatre.)

    This is true.  So then, you will most definitely want to keep your eyes on our site to be alerted of new lessons and comics.  In the meantime, try our other quizzes and enjoy our Bible lessons in the quick comics section of the website.  I’m Mimi Gomez, and I’m signing out.

(Flash: I’m Flash Gomez, and using my real name obviously bears no consequence regarding my wife’s security restrictions.)

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