So yes, the wife is to let the husband lead.  They should still discuss things as a team, but ultimately, they will disagree on things, so God has given the final say to the man by default.  One reason, you could say, is so that if the couple is wrong, the lady is pretty, so the Lord would rather bop the guy on the head.  Of course, a more serious reason is that the two are a picture of Christ and the church, illustrating to their children this divine relationship.  That is why the husband is to love and cherish his wife.  He is to respect her as a person and not act like a bully, forcing his way on her.  For that matter, if the wife doesn’t cooperate like she should, the man should still handle this in a loving way instead of being mean to her.  He is to treat her like he’d treat his own body, taking care of her and not hurting her.

What are children told to do?





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