I shouldn’t mock the simplicity of your background, Solomon, when I’ve already decided to not invite any of the others to invade my quiz.  I’d rather be a friendly hostess with good content than depend on a comedy duo routine to cover my boring personality.  Heh, not that I’m implying anything about my wonderful friends.

    Quickly getting out of that discussion and back to answering questions, I wonder if Tea would give you a discount at her diner, your Highness.  Of course, with you being a senior citizen and royalty, I might even get a discount just for standing next to you.  In case it’s not obvious, Solomon wrote this as an old man, looking back on the empty things he chased in search of satisfaction.  One way he expressed his boredom was to say, “There is no new thing __________.”

-Beneath Heaven-

-Under the Sun-

-Below the Moon-

-Upon the Earth-  

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