You totally told this mode who’s in charge!  I’m so proud of you!  Now, here are some friends of mine, Sabrina Hope Morris and Patty Patriarch.  I even put up an old pic of Sabrina for reference.  Say hi.

(Girls: Hi!)

    Be sure to comment your victory below, quizzers, and follow our website by clicking the stuff for that on the side of the page.  Now, we will each give a little fact about ourselves.  Okay, my fact is that the bad guy that killed my parents was surprisingly just a regular old mob boss, which is odd as most of the villains in our stories are connected to one of the more prominent foes in some form or fashion.  Weird, huh?

(Sabrina: My secret is marketing.  I’m saving my fact for my own quiz so you don’t steal the show, Hannah.)

(Patty: Well, be that way, ha ha!  My secret is actually not about me.  Sabrina, you and Keb actually started off as characters the System Director dreamed up, whereas most of us he actively thinks up on his own while awake.  However, there is another version of me from another storyboard that also has a dream origin.  I hear her friend now represents their storyboard, being known as Meg Scott CCCXLI.)

    Don’t worry, new friends; the wackiness of our stories aren’t as confusing as they sound he he.  However, don’t let our goofiness make you forget that the most exciting thing in life is the truth of God’s Word.  A merry heart does good like a medicine, but nothing can replace the power of God’s precious gift called the Bible.  So, keep studying and living it!

    Having said that, this ends our time together.  I hope you enjoy the other quizzes we have to offer.

Thanks for playing!

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