A city of refuge is for those who’ve accidentally killed someone.  They have to reach this city before the family of the fallen kill them and they have to stay there until the death of the High Priest.  This was a picture of us hiding in Christ, who is both our City of Refuge AND our eternal High Priest.

Next, we have a question regarding other giants besides Og and Sihon.  In fact, I want to know who the guy is that was a famous giant with a whole family of giants named after him.  Yes, it’s that same dopey picture from the beginner’s course.  Please answer my question.  Who was the giant in Deuteronomy with his own family of giants?

-Goliath and Golgotha-

-Heth and the Hittites-

-Goliath and the Philistines-

-Anak and the Anakim-