While some might suggest another point during Christ’s earthly ministry, the Triumphal Entry seems to be the most likely point at which Nehemiah’s countdown meets the arrival of the Messiah.  Even Jesus’ rebuke of the Pharisees and the nation for not being ready correlates with this.

(Lady Vahnna: Husband, I am late.  Please forgive my tardiness, ha ha!)

    Why, of course, my queen!  Quizzers, I present to you the Queen of Ruyngard, Lady Vahnna of Storyboard XII.

(Vahnna: Oh, Patriarch, they’ve no idea what that means yet.  I know we’ve talked about storyboards in the comics, and we may have even referenced Ruyngard in the quizzes a time or two, but there’s still much left unexplained, dear.)

    This seems to be a good time to mention the secret I’m supposed to say about myself.  I imagine the most obvious question our friends would have about me concerns my eye.  All I can say is that I lost it, along with a hand, during my time in the military.

(Vahnna: How the mysteries abound!  I can barely wait to know what you have for us next, my love.)

In the meantime, you can assist me in the Daniel quiz.  We’ve just completed the beginner class.

(Vahnna: Have you?  Quizzers, great job on this step in your career as Bible scholars.  Now, you will have to impress Patriarch and me in the other two modes.  Let’s go ahead and begin.  Also, if you came from the easy mode, let us continue in the harder level.  Are you ready?)

This should be exciting, so tell me which you are going to choose.

-Continue the easy mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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