Aww, you just beat the easy mode!  Good for you!

(The girls: Hip hip, hurray!)

(Muse: You have to let everyone know in the comments.  This is an amazing achievement after all.)

Hey Muse, I bet the quizzers are wondering why you’re obsessed with that one side of your hair.

(Muse: It’s because you keep specifically waiting until I do it to move the camera over here.  I guess you’re wanting to make it my signature or something.)

(Charity: You notice the oddest things, child.)

(Mermaid: Hey, don’t forget to review the hard questions in the second half of beginner mode in order to learn a System Guard secret.)

    Mermie, dressed in white, is very, very right.  I tell a secret at the end of both the beginner lesson and the hard mode, so be on the lookout for those.  So, if you haven’t seen the secret, skim through the tutorial mode.  If you have seen that, you are probably ready for hard mode.  Choose your appropriate path, my lovely little dear.

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